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About Us

  RentBacker is the ONLY company out there that has dedicated 100% of it's efforts to helping renters with damaged credit get approved for the apartments they love.


 Our team at RentBacker apartment guarantors is comprised of former leasing agents, apartment brokers, mortgage brokers, realtors and attorneys with decades of experience in the industry.

 From New York to Chicago to LA, and everywhere in between, about one-third of applicants who are employed and make good money are being turned away due to credit issues.

 Something had to be done. So we did it.


 Our approvals are based on verifiable fact. We've engineered an approval model focused on income, financial stability and past performance. Our proprietary, self-developed approval model by which decisions are made, is based on real-world financial indicators instead of hearsay (credit scores).


 We've found credit scores to be misleading and usually worthless. In most cases they don't  paint an accurate picture of a rental applicant or their ability to consistently pay their rent. We are right 99% of the time.