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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is it that you do?

RentBacker acts as a guarantor/cosigner to help renters with less than perfect credit qualify for apartments that they can't qualify for on their own by protecting landlords against rent loss due to eviction or unit abandonment.

Are you an apartment finding service?

No. We are guarantors / cosigners that guarantee rent to the landlord in case of eviction. A renter can use any service to find a unit. It is however, the responsibility of the renter to verify that the landlord or management company will accept cosigners or guarantors.

What credit score do I need?

Your credit score(s) do not matter.

What is required from renters?

To qualify, renters need documented income, must have no prior evictions and must not be in an open bankruptcy. We also consider your current debt to income ratio (DTI) and what your background check looks like.

What is the cost for renters?

Our fee is one month's rent.

What is the cost for landlords?


Can you cover single-family homes?

Yes we can.

How does your service affect my lease?

It doesn't. You pay your rent to your landlord the way you normally would. We act as a safety net in case the worst case scenario arises and the landlord needs reimbursement of rent loss as defined in our service agreement.

I am moving out of state. Can You help me?

We sure can. We cover all 50 states. Just be sure to verify ahead of time that your future landlord will accept a guarantor.

I am a landlord. Can I list my properties?

Sure. Just click here to leave a message and we will be in touch. We can also screen your turndowns to see if we can convert them to a renter. Just call us at 877-973-6833 and let us go to work for you.

Can your service be used anywhere?

We can do business in all 50 states. However, all units must be residential dwellings as defined by law. No office or industrial space. Just be sure to verify that your future landlord will accept a guarantor. Most do but some do not.

Is there any up-front cost?

No. If your pre-screening comes back clear and we are able to verify all of your information, you will be sent an invoice for your credit and background checks. The cost for this is exactly our cost. ($49) Assuming you have no open bankruptcies or prior evictions, you will be fine.