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Trade risk

for certainty.

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 Turning down tenants who may not meet your qualification guidelines is understandable. But what if we converted that same applicant into a renter with no potential for rent loss?
 With the Rentbacker rent guarantee program, you are now protected against rent loss stemming from evictions or unit abandonment. If any of our renters are evicted, we cover their rent until a new tenant is found or the lease expires. This now gives you an exponentially larger pool of potential tenants to keep unit vacancies at a minimum and your cash-flow moving in the right direction. Our renters may have less than perfect credit, but they pay their rent on time. A less than 2% default rate speaks for itself.
 In short, your positive cash-flow increases, vacant units are leased faster and your liability with regard to rent loss becomes zero. Did we mention this costs you nothing?

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