Renting With Bad Credit in 2020

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

First and foremost, we would like to wish a happy 2020 to all!

Well our new year has kicked off with a bang! We are glad to see our renters who put off moving until this new year beginning to get the moving process started. We will be entering our 5th year in business and looking forward to getting more credit-challenged individuals in the apartment that they love.

For those of you who don't know who we are or what we do, let us give you a breakdown of our innovative, trend-setting program that allows renters with bad credit qualify for the apartment they love while simultaneously protecting landlords against loss of rent by guaranteeing rent payments in case of tenant abandonment or eviction. It's a super-simple process that can all be done in less than a day if necessary. So here goes...

First off, people can have low credit scores for a number of reasons. The majority of our renters have either been thru a recent divorce, are burdened with immense student loan debt, suffered a temporary illness or many other possibilities. The really unfortunate thing is that these people many times are forced to live in the only place that will accept them due to the state of their credit. These are people who always pay their rent on time and have had ongoing, consistent employment for years, but because of circumstances that may not be their fault, they are forced to live in a less-than-ideal place. This problem has been widespread for decades.

As former apartment brokers, leasing agents, attorneys and realtors, we all knew that something had to be done. So we did it. Instead of making decisions based on what a credit report tells us, we engineered a program that uses an approval method that is not credit-based. We use a proprietary, self-developed, approval model by which decisions are made based on rental history, income, employment history and other real-world financial indicators instead of a credit score. We've found credit scores to be misleading with regard to renters and in many cases don't paint an accurate picture of an applicant. And we've been right 99% of the time. Additionally, RentBacker can also begin to report your past and current rent payments to the credit bureaus to begin increasing your scores and rebuilding your credit profile right away. Now that's a cherry on top!

Our approval process is super simple. Renters need to simply go to for their free, no-obligation pre-screening. If we can verify all of your information, we will send you a request for credit and background checks. Don't worry, we are not looking for credit scores. The reason we need credit reports is just to know what your current debt is (credit cards, store cards, car loans etc.) in order to calculate the amount we can qualify you for. Assuming your credit reports come back with no prior evictions, you will be good to go and we will issue our approval certificate that you would keep with you during your apartment hunt. When you find the apartment you love, just let us know and we can then issue our service agreement within minutes.

If you are looking to move in 2020 and your credit is less than perfect, please remember that you DO have options. If you are like one-third of people in the rental market and need a hand in any city and state, RentBacker is here for you. 877-9-RENTED

Best of luck to all and have a safe, happy and prosperous 2020.



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